About Myself

These days, if I'm not in the garden, I'm writing. Since 2018 I've completed some adaptions of some of my stories to screenplays and I've been working on a number of original ideas for screenplays. 

Currently, I’m shopping around a Nova Scotian horror script, a couple of gay horror scripts, a gay period murder mystery, a gay historical crime drama, a gay Christmas rom-com, an adaption of my novel, The Jolly Lobster and an adaption of my play, My Sour Sixteen. And, I even have a historical family drama series that I've completed and am looking for a home for.

In the past I've been a military policeman, website publisher, blogger, and farmer.

Besides writing, I am also interested in acting. I was involved in an amateur community theatre group called, Basement Theatre. I was Simon Bliss in their 2010 production of Noël Coward's Hay Fever. And I was in the fall 2011 production of Jack Popplewell's Hocus Pocus as both Simon and Peter Ross(no it's not based on the 1993 film).

I was born and raised on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. After visiting Nova Scotia several years back, my husband and I were so entranced with the province that we decided to move there. Along with our cat, we live in a big old house in the country in Queens Municipality, Nova Scotia.