About Myself

These days on Saturday's, (May-Oct) I can be found at the Public Market stalls in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. In previous years I was at the Lockeport market, the Shelburne market & the Privateer Farmers' Market in Liverpool, selling my fresh veggies, flowers, plants, herbs and jellies.

In the past I've been a writer, copywriter, and publisher. Over the past fifteen years I've worked online and published numerous websites. For these sites, I've written thousands of articles, reviews for books, movies and various products, as well as short blog posts.

Besides writing, I am also interested in acting. I was involved in an amateur community theatre group called, Basement Theatre. I was Simon Bliss in their 2010 production of Noël Coward's Hay Fever. And I was in the fall 2011 production of Jack Popplewell's Hocus Pocus.

After a long break from writing I've started writing again. Since 2018 I've completed some adaptions of my stories to screenplays and I've been working on a couple of original ideas for screenplays.

I was born and raised on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. After visiting Nova Scotia several years back, my husband and I were so entranced with the province that we decided to move there. Along with our cats, we live in a big old house in the country in Queens Municipality, Nova Scotia.